“Tip-Toeing Toddlers”
Hosted By

The Kendrick Academy

Tip-Toeing Toddlers is a community project that is catered to children from three to four years of age in the Middle Georgia area. Its aim is to instill performing arts skills such as drama and dance in order to have a long-lasting affect from childhood to adulthood. Additionally, our goal is also to reduce the risk of childhood obesity in the community and promote healthy habits of fitness through dance.Our project is geared towards daycare centers in the Middle Georgia area. Fort Valley, Crawford County, Roberta, Reynolds, and Marshallville, Georgia are our cities of interest at the moment.Our instructor from the Kendrick Academy will visit participating day cares twice out of the month, which is once every two weeks.
 For each child, there is only a $5 fee every session! Tip Toeing Toddlers is a great and enjoyable way to allow students to be active and excited about dance! It is also introducing them to the field of performing arts at a young age to where they may be interested later in adulthood. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our Family Movie Night is Sponsored By:
Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry
Nitsa Gilbert, DDS, MS

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